Sick of Each Other?

24 02 2011

Sick of Each Other?

Long-term or chronic illness, financial worries, and traumatic events are often said to “make or break” a relationship. These are hardships that must be borne and dealt with day after day, causing some people to turn to each other for comfort, encouragement, and hope. Yet others turn away from each other and withdraw – or turn to someone else – instead.

Unexpected events that affect our lives in negative ways understandably cause shock and painful emotions that we may not always be able to deal with smoothly or with finesse initially. But once we are back on our feet we need to be aware of the strain that is on our relationship due to the present circumstances. Making sure we are not isolating or shutting our friend/family member/partner out is a good place to start. A little patience and understanding can go a long way in keeping the connection between two people strong.

As for my most recent roommate, he has never seen me in what I consider my “normal” state. I have been dealing with vehicle problems, illness, serious family issues, or dire financial straits ever since he has known me. He has certainly seen me at my worst. But he’s still here.

(Omg, Does that men that perpetual crisis has become my “normal state?”)




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